IV Therapy Pricing


Cleanse Detoxification Treatment (30-45 minutes) $199

Lactated Ring Solution and Thiamine

Cleanse/Detoxification treatment improves how you feel after a long weekend, improves performance at work, and hydrates your body.


Rejuvenate /Anti-Aging Treatment (30-45 minutes) $399

Lactated Ring Solution
Folic Acid (Sodium folate, edetate disodium, benzyl alcohol)

Rejuvenation Therapy improves skin texture and glow. This therapy will make you feel revitalized and refreshed.


Immune Boost/ Antioxidant (30-45 minutes) $350

Lactated Ring Solution
Ascorbic Acid

The IV Immune Boost Antioxidant Therapy provides your body with various antioxidants and vitamins that are essential to decrease the formation of carcinogens and improves immune response.


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