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If you’re sick, tired, or just in need of a little extra boost to face the day energetically, intravenous (IV) therapy using natural vitamins and nutrient infusions at City Laser Clinic is a convenient and easy way to feel better. In their comfortable and welcoming facility in the downtown area of San Francisco, California, the City Laser Clinic team offers a variety of customized IV therapy solutions, including immune boosters, antioxidants, detoxification, hydration, and more. Call the office to set up your IV therapy appointment or book online now.

IV Therapy Q & A


What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a health and wellness boost in which you absorb large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your body through intravenous infusion. When you take supplements orally, your body actually absorbs just a fraction of the product. 

With IV therapy, you get virtually 100% absorption to immediately revitalize your body at the cellular level. That means faster results when you need to feel better fast. The treatment takes only 30-45 minutes, and you’ll feel the benefits right away.


What conditions does IV therapy treat?

IV therapy at City Laser Clinic can help with many concerns and conditions. Two popular formulas are:

Cleanse/detoxification treatment

The cleanse/detox IV therapy solution includes lactated ring solution and thiamine. This formula hydrates your body and improves your physical health. You'll enjoy more energy and feel more rested, even if you've just had a long weekend. 

Immune boost/antioxidant

The immune boost/antioxidant IV therapy solution at City Laser Clinic includes lactated ring solution, thiamine, glutathione, ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins, folic acid, and a megadose of vitamin C. The immune boost/antioxidant formula reduces new carcinogen growth and boosts your immune response. It also enhances your appearance by smoothing skin texture and revealing a glowing skin tone. 

If you have particular concerns, for example, you need to recover from a bad cold faster or you're completely worn down after a rough patch in your life, City Laser Clinic can customize your IV therapy. Talk to the City Laser Clinic team to find out what kind of IV therapy can help you.


What can I expect during my IV therapy session?

You’ll talk about your treatment needs with a highly trained member of the City Laser Clinic team so they can tailor your care. Then, you’ll sit or recline in a comfortable position for the treatment. Your provider swabs a small patch of skin on your inner arm and then attaches the thin line that efficiently delivers your IV nutrients. You may have a very mild pinch during attachment, but it fades immediately. 

Then, you just relax while the bag of fluid gradually refreshes and hydrates your body. You can read, use your phone, grab a quick nap, or whatever you like during your session.

For IV therapy, call City Laser Clinic or book your appointment online today.